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Here you can view current planning applications relating to Hartlebury

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2022/01/1421/02975/OUTWoodside Nurseries Stourport Road Crossway Green Stourport On Severn DY13 9SQDevelopment of 6no. self-build dwellings2022-01-14 14:01:09
2022/01/1421/02964/CUCarpenters Barn Torton Lane Torton Hartlebury Kidderminster DY10 4HXConversion of roof storage space above garage into holiday let accommodation.2022-01-14 13:41:16
2022/01/14W/22/00047/HPSunnydale Bungalow Lincomb Lane Lincomb Hartlebury Stourport On Severn DY13 9QQErection of a two bay garage and home gym with an office/storage room above for the use of the occupants of Sunnydale.2022-01-14 11:35:22
2022/01/0721/02586/HPBank House Cottage Inn Lane Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7TAProposed single storey side and rear extension2022-01-07 18:05:21
2021/12/1420/01396/CU4 Norchard Barns Norchard Lane Crossway Green Stourport On Severn DY13 9SNLawful Development Certificate: The Lawful Commencement of Planning Permission 20/01396/CU2021-12-14 22:10:10
2021/12/1221/02793/FULOld Post Office Crossway Green Stourport On Severn DY13 9SQConversion and extension to garage to form a live/work unit2021-12-12 22:00:00
2021/11/2521/02739/HPMole End Stourport Road Charlton Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7YESingle storey extension2021-11-25 12:34:56
2021/11/2121/02483/AGRMillridge Farm Parsons Lane Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7YQ Decision NoticeDecision Notice approval for 2no agricultural irrigation pools2021-11-21 14:52:35
2021/11/0520/00675/OUTPlanning Inspectorate APP/H184/W/20/3263014 The Yard Bishops Wood Lane Crossway Green DY13 9SEAppeal Decision 3263014 Outline application for the construction of a live/work unit of accommodation with all matters reserved. Dismissed2021-11-05 20:31:57
2021/11/0221/02433/HP3 Upper Goldness Barns Worcester Road Torton Kidderminster DY11 7RRErection of a detached garage.2021-11-02 14:06:26
2021/10/2921/02483/AGRMillridge Farm Parsons Lane Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7YQNotification for prior approval for 2no agricultural irrigation pools2021-10-29 23:08:47
2021/10/2921/01670/FULLakeside Barn Charlton Lane Torton Hartlebury DY11 7SDChange of use of land and construction of 2no. Holiday Lets2021-10-29 21:49:33
2021/10/2919/02686/FULPlanning Inspectorate APP/H1840/C/20/3256744: Land off Charlton Lane, DY11 7SDAppeal Decision 3256477 & 3256744 Charlton LaneFive new gypsy plots each comprising one touring caravan, one static caravan and one utility block2021-10-29 14:18:26
2021/09/2121/02150/CUNorchard Farm Norchard Lane Crossway Green Stourport On Severn DY13 9SNChange use of land to site existing agricultural workers comprising of 34 existing caravans and 4 proposed additional caravans (38 in total, with 28 caravans occupied between February and November inclusive and 10 caravans occupied for 12 months of the …2021-09-21 22:23:08
2021/09/0921/02073/HP2 Pansington Farm Barns Worcester Road Titton Stourport On Severn DY13 9QXDemolition of internal partition walls, installation of an air-source heat pump and underfloor heating2021-09-09 08:44:27
2021/09/0221/01996/HPMontana Stanklyn Lane Summerfield Hartlebury Kidderminster DY10 4HSSingle storey rear extension2021-09-02 13:36:33
2021/08/2521/01743/FULSandall Cottage Worcester Road TortonDemolition of existing dwelling. Construction of 4 bedroom detached house with garage. Creation of new access.2021-08-25 20:31:42
2021/08/0321/01691/HPSunnydale Bungalow Lincomb Lane Lincomb Hartlebury Stourport On Severn DY13 9QQErection of a four bay garage with an office/storage room above for the use of the occupants of Sunnydale.2021-08-03 15:09:25
2021/07/2421/01599/OUTRoxel (Uk Rocket Motors) Ltd Summerfield Lane Summerfield Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7RZErection of 2 no. industrial facilities2021-07-24 15:49:02
2021/07/2321/01578/LBPye Hill Farm Walton Lane Hartlebury Kidderminster DY10 4JEConversion of former agricultural barn to holiday let including extension of driveway and parking.2021-07-23 15:32:41
2021/07/2321/01187/HP2 Waresley Court Road Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7TQSingle storey rear/side extension (retrospective)2021-07-23 15:24:47
2021/07/1621/01591/HPWillow House Titton Farm Lane Titton Hartlebury Stourport On Severn DY13 9QRErection of proposed single storey side extension2021-07-16 14:45:36
2021/06/2121/01068/LBRed House Quarry Bank Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7TERe-roofing of rear roof slope and installation of new internal gas boiler.2021-06-21 15:06:47
2021/06/1421/01336/FULSpringfield Worcester Road Low Hill Kidderminster DY11 7RTChange of use from disused plant nursery to provide 4 no. Gypsy/Traveller Pitches2021-06-14 11:57:33
2021/06/0721/01227/CULand at (OS 83333 6914) Stourport Road Chadwick BankChange of use to dog agility training field2021-06-07 18:50:51
2021/05/2521/00896/FULHartlebury Castle Stourport Road Charlton HartleburyAdventure playground in existing woodland walk2021-05-25 17:45:59
2021/05/1821/01061/HPRoberts Paddock Whitlenge Lane Hartlebury DY10 4HDReplacement of single storey Dayroom building2021-05-18 11:51:01
2021/04/2921/00798/HPChurch View, Crossway Green, Stourport On Severn, DY13 9SHSingle storey rear extension2021-04-29 18:14:30
2021/04/2821/00899/HPHollytree Cottage Crossway Green Stourport On Severn DY13 9SQExtensions and alterations (Variation of condition 2 Ref. 20/01721/HP)2021-04-28 19:51:18
2021/04/2721/00898/HPOld Post Office, Crossway Green, Stourport On Severn, DY13 9SQFirst floor side extension (Variation of condition 2 to reference 20/01720/HP)2021-04-27 12:39:00
2021/04/2721/00502/HP1 Pansington Farm Barns, Worcester Road, Titton, Stourport On Severn, DY13 9QXRemoval of internal ceiling to form vaulted roof and insertion of new window to gable 21/00502/HP Associated Ref:21/00758/LB2021-04-27 12:02:11
2021/04/1921/00697/CUWaynhams Farm, Lincomb Bank, Lincomb, Crossway Green, Stourport On Severn, DY13 9SFChange of Use of Land (siting of two mobile shepherd huts(for use as holiday lets))2021-04-19 11:23:00
2021/04/1921/00333/FULCobblers Barn Low Hill Hartlebury Kidderminster DY10 4HTConstruction of agricultural track and field gates2021-04-19 11:08:16
2021/03/3121/00112/HPHoneysuckle Cottage 1 Whitlenge Lane Hartlebury Kidderminster DY10 4HDSingle and two storey side extension, single storey extension to rear2021-03-31 20:12:45
2021/03/2921/00185/LBYew Tree Cottage, Torton Lane, Torton, Hartlebury Kidderminster DY10 4HXReplace existing retaining garden walls with the walls identical height and length. Application type – Listed building consent2021-03-29 18:57:22
2021/02/2521/00282/HPClareland Lincomb Lane Lincomb Hartlebury Stourport On Severn DY13 9RQErection of a glasshouse2021-02-25 19:12:00
2021/02/2521/00123/HPWinnall Springs Lincomb Lane Lincomb Hartlebury Stourport On Severn DY13 9RDConversion of domestic garage into granny annex2021-02-25 19:08:09
2021/01/2521/00096/CANWorcestershire County Museum Hartlebury Castle Stourport Road Charlton Hartlebury Kidderminster DY11 7XZUndertake tree works, as detailed on application form and in any accompanying information2021-01-25 22:29:49
2021/01/1420/000042/CMFormer Motocross site, Adjacent to Wilden Lane, Wilden, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, DY13 9JTWinning and working of sand and restoration to agriculture (pasture for horses)2021-01-14 19:04:28
2020/12/2120/02768/FULUnit 60 And Unit 61 Hartlebury Trading Estate HartleburyProposed development of a B1(c), B2 and B8 building (Variation of Condition 11 – 14/02481/PN).2020-12-21 19:44:38
2020/09/0120/000034/CMLand to the rear (south and east) of Liberty Aluminium Foundry, Stourport Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY11 7QEProposed development of an Energy and Resource Park2020-09-01 19:22:45

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